Should i buy the 1.2 ?

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Should i buy the 1.2 ?

Post by Nikol80 » Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:36 am

Hello everyone from newbie to the forum.
The question is I have seen a 1.2 pulsar at a reasonable price 7.750 ntec on a15 plate 1st reg. February 16 so warranty just expired. I have read about the piston rings and oil consumption issue which some of the owners had.Would this be enough of a reason to stay away from a car that I really like provided that i am after a spacious, nice looking nippy car?I test drove it and it worked fine apart from breaks (later i was told that previous owner must have fitted smaller size brake pads than what appropriate) and a bit unsure if start -stop worked but that should be fixed with a nee 02 sensor i guess. My main interest is into the engine , when we say this engine had a batch with the wrong piston rings leading to failure what percentage of the total production of them are we talking about and how much would it cost me for the piston rings replacement if necessary or even getting it done to prevent from happening?Any ideas of supply of them and cost ?

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Re: Should i buy the 1.2 ?

Post by fujikun » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:26 am

I wouldn't buy it without a warranty from the garage, and don't go for one of those micky mouse insurance warranties they sometimes try to flog you there worthless.

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Re: Should i buy the 1.2 ?

Post by SplanK » Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:52 pm

later i was told that previous owner must have fitted smaller size brake pads than what appropriate
This worries me and I would personally run a mile from this garage. Either the garage are correct and somehow the original owner has managed to fit inappropriate pads.... however I cant see how you can.... That and the garage should have ensured that the car was road worthy before allowing people to drive it. A car with incorrect pads is dangerous and should not be driven until the correct parts are fitted.

Or the garage are making up excuses for something else.

There are plenty of these cars around for sale, especially if you are open to expanding your search radius.

Going back to the engine.... the only tell tale sign of issues the rings is if there is oil consumption. There isn't really any preventative maintenance that can be done, it either exists or it doesn't. If you wanted them done, you are taking a serious amount of man hours to get them done as it requires stripping the engine down.

Your rights should be covered if you are buying from a garage, however it depends if the garage is interested and it could take some time for oil loss to show up depending on how, or how often you drive it.
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Re: Should i buy the 1.2 ?

Post by Rsgc90 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:25 pm

In all honesty really depends what you want. I find the 1.2 is a bit...meh and gutless unless you really rev it from low gears. I find the car itself has random noises mine has a rattle from behind the screen.
In regards to the brakes, there's no way small pads would've fit.
But that's my opinion and I'm sure others love the car, I'm just waiting for the finance to run and then find something else.

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