My 2018 Pulsar Tekna

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It's amazing how technology moves on. When I was young it required full go-faster stripes to have any effect on performance. Now you can get the same with just a few stickers - incredible.

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Damn right, and a fraction of the weight of go faster stripes :lol:
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Izzy Cooper wrote: Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:40 am
naimkhan wrote: Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:47 am Hey man I’ve installed these LED bulbs like last year feb and they’re still working like new, cheap mod but so effective. They’re so easy to install and looks so much better. These are H11 bulb but also H9 and it fits perfectly.
These are for the full beams

Hiya naimkhan4
How do you get the h11 bulbs out? I want led ones thatch are nice sexy white.
Is x
Hey you jus have to twist it clockwise and take the clip off the bottom. It’s relatively easy, 15mins should be enough for the both side.

Hope this helps,

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Nice motor just to pick up on a few comments you made I have the n connect and my rear wiper comes on in reverse if front wipers are on and centre arm rest sides forward have you checked the setting in the menu and activated them to your needs great vids
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