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Please forgive the length of my first post on here but I am tearing my hair out with the so called intelligent locking system on my 2016 plate Nissan Pulsar.

When I bought it from auction here in the UK as a NAMA 1 unmarked example with only 42k miles on the clock I was initially very impressed with it but that rapidly wore off when I discovered that the only way in through the driver's door was to unlock the car using the remote and then use the key blade in the manual lock. Annoying but not the end of the world I thought and something which can no doubt be readily fixed by my mechanic. Oh how wrong I was!

The next day I went out with someone in the passenger seat and at the end of the journey discovered that whatever I did they couldn't open the passenger door from inside and the only way to let them out is to walk round the car and open the door using the outside handle.

Initially my mechanic thought the problem was due to a mechanical fault with the lock in the passenger's door so a new one was procured and installed but made no difference.

We were intrigued to find upon removing the door card that some bodge artist had kindly ripped the vapour proof barrier behind the door card to gain access to the lock and at this point we started to develop a sense of déjà vu!

The next port of call on this journey was to seek out the fusebox and relay and when we removed the access panel at the end of the dashboard we found that someone had again been there before us and put the fusebox back in the wrong way around! We also discovered rust inside the A pillar which we traced to a substantial gap in the rubber seal at the top corner of what appears to be the original Nissan windscreen on both sides. Further investigation revealed the same corrosion inside the opposite A pillar which also explains why the carpets are so damp. Another problem to fix!

Anyhow my mechanic tested all the fuses and relays and put the fusebox back in the proper way round but all to no avail.

My mechanic then concluded that the problem must lie with the BCM, although in all other respects everything was operating properly. So we got another BCM and took the old one and the new one to an expert in BCM cloning who came to the conclusion that there was no point in cloning as if there was a fault in the original BCM it would simply clone across to the new one. Also in his opinion as all other functions controlled by the original BCM were operating correctly and there was no sign of internal water ingress or damage it was unlikely to be the BCM which is apparently paired to the main ECU.

At this point any love for this Pulsar evaporated and in desperation I contacted the local Nissan dealership who said that they would happily book it in for diagnostics for £256, earliest available slot 4th April. Very helpful in mid February!

So here I am with an otherwise lovely Pulsar which I can't unlock without using the blade and which traps any front seat passenger.

So is there anyone here on this Forum who can either suggest how to fix the lovely French locking system in this Pulsar or point me in the direction of a real expert here in the UK who can sort this nightmare out before I park the thing up and set light to it!

Only joking of course.


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If you use Facebook I suggest joining the 'Nissan Pulsar C13 Owners Club'. Most of the people who were members here have migrated to that, and there is little activity here.
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