Start/Stop failure, amber Engine Management light permanently on

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Start/Stop failure, amber Engine Management light permanently on

Post by sersit » Fri Mar 19, 2021 6:27 pm

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to describe a problem I had recently with Start/Stop system and how I sorted it out.

After about 3-5 min of driving Start/Stop system disengages saying System Failure. It clears when you switch engine off and on again, but then after same time it disengages again. After it happened twice Engine Management light came on and stayed on permanently even when I switched engine off and on. Every time I started the car Start/Stop system failure happened 3-5 after. Otherwise car behaved absolutely fine, maybe slightly higher fuel consumption but only about 10%.

I went to local mechanic who said that its old battery and its very common problem. We changed the battery, but start/stop failed again within the same time frame. Clearing EM light didn't help, it came on again after two failures of start/stop system.

Engine code reader showed Oxygen sensor 2 bank 1 failure and Oxygen sensor 2 bank 1 heater failure (sorry I didn't right down actual codes). He disconnected pre-catalytic converter oxygen sensor (it can be accessed from the bonnet, to the left of the oil cap) and read the codes again. Now another error appeared - Oxygen sensor 1 bank 1, so we figured that the actual error came from post-cat sensor, which sits on the exhaust pipe under the car. I crawled under the car and disconnected oxygen sensor to test it with a multi-meter and it showed open circuit on all 4 pins, whereas it should have had few Ohms resistance between one of the pairs of pins. Everything pointed at faulty post-cat oxygen sensor.

I went to a local garage, they said they could only supply original sensor from Nissan (cost £144; I also saw non-original cheap ones online, costing £55). I agreed, they ordered and fitted it, cleared error codes and the problem was solved. No issues with Start/Stop ever since. EM light was cleared as well

Hope it would help someone.


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