Pulsar Wet Rear Passenger Footwell Help Please.

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Re: Pulsar Wet Rear Passenger Footwell Help Please.

Post by PulsarNismo94 » Wed May 20, 2020 7:37 pm

Cheers dude, Hope you and all family are well yourself!

As a Nissan tech I can tell you it's just the way the vehicle is tuned. The turbo on our 190s kicks in at 2kRPM and begins to drop boost after 4k rpm,
I feel the hesitation occurs mainly when shifting at high RPM (maybe 5.5krpm for example) the revs stay high, and so the turbo is still not putting out as much boost as we want lol, causing the split second hesitation.

The 190s are torquey as hell but in low rpm.

I've just installed a secondary decat which has made quite the difference, intercooler an intake next then ready for a stage 2 remap.. 245bhp 330nm torque, improved boost through out the rev range.

I'm going a bit OTT but I love seeing ST drivers humiliated by our humble nissans lol

Tyres are definitely an issue, the low end torque eats em up too! Luckily I can pay in parts for mine or I'd be ruined lol

Glad to hear both our pulsars have stayed dry, touch wood lol

Take care buddy
Nissan Pulsar 1.6 Dig-T '15

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