Oil Consumption

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Oil Consumption

Post by paul121247 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:52 pm

Hello, I took delivery of the rop of the range Tekna Pulsar (manual, petrol in November 2014 and two weeks ago became aware of an audible clicking noise from the engine when driving - mileage is 5,500.
Took it to the dealer and the cause is a low oil level! They put 1.5 litres of oil in to it and the problem was solved.
My car was the first Pulsar they sold and will be the first one to have an annual service, so they admit they are on a learning curve.
Having owned a lot of Nissan cars over the years, this is the first time I've experienced this problem.
Any one else had this?

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by RaceworX » Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:09 pm

IS it the 1.2 or the 1.6 Dig-t? clicking could be down to the fuel injectors. If it comes on again before the next service interval I would be a bit worried as it stands it could just have burnt some off running in..

If it is the 1.2 I am pretty sure that's the same engine as the Renault 1.2 Tce engine so you could try asking on a Renault forum about oil usage on those engines.

if it is the 1.6 then that is shared with the juke and I would check the juke forums for any oil loss issues.

but as above it could just have used some whilst everything runs in these modern engines use very thin oil.

hope its all okay but keep updating us :)

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by kenchythe » Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:47 am

I got my 1st Nissan (Pulsar 1.2) for many years this January 2015 after less than 7000 miles six months driving it has use four ltr's of oil it is now awaiting a new engine as compression in all cylinders were low when tested and the workshop informed me there was a know problem five weeks since problem detected still waiting I can only presume bore tolerances were out there was an audible clicking from early on with this engine does anyone know the true reason

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by Steve95 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:32 pm

The issue with the 1.2 dig-t is known to Nissan and due to a clip that holds the gudgeon pin in the piston common loose it scores the bore and allows oil into the cylinder. Monster your oil and if it's considered excessive contact your local dealer

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by vinkhub » Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:20 pm

Please read this for more information regarding oil problems.

http://www.qashqaiforums.co.uk/viewtopi ... &start=150

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by RPJ » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:54 pm

Steve did suggest to me a couple of weeks ago that I keep an eye on my oil level and thankfully so far it doesn't seem to have moved. Although I will continue to check it weekly as the comments regarding oil loss and engine replacements are pretty worrying.

I have noticed too that my car's fuel consumption is fairly erratic. I've had it nearly a month and in week one it was averaging around 54 mpg which I was pleased with, and then it was down to 45 mpg despite my driving style and road conditions being pretty steady. I'm currently averaging around 48 mpg. Anybody else getting something similar?

One other thing when I bought the car the stop/start indicator was telling my I was saving C02 of 2.54 but it has been increasing over the last two weeks and was showing 3.67 to 3.68 CO2 tonight. Should I be concerned or is this about normal?

Many thanks

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by MousT_21 » Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:12 am

Hi All,
after 5 tkm I started use my 1.2 DIG-T little bit harder with fast start-ups with 4000-5000 rpm. Moreover the autumn has begun with 3-5 C degrees in the morning. At 8500 km when I checked oil level, I needed fill about 0,5L of lubricant. Also I observed that fuel consumption is about 0,5l higher than in summer. Another thing is the oil color was like an asphalt, what in my opinion for this kind of petrol engine is unusual. So I decided to change oil for new one, I checked the previous which was filled due to 1000 km service and ..... surprise! Nissan used 5W30 with ACEA class A5/B5. In manual the recommended oil is 5W40 and A3/B4, so may someone explain me what is going on? Of course due to oil change engine's got new 5W40 A3/B4, but I'm little bit afraid about engine, because it worked with wrong oil to long. Why does producer describe the oil parameters? Because engine was projected and tested with them! The engine is approved to work with 5W40 and A3/B4 class and no other. Probably every time when you change the oil, for other than specified by Nissan you may observe lower/higher fuel consumption, lower/higher CO2 emission, little change of engine's and turbo noises and of course you should observe different oil consumption. All above depends also from your driving habits and style, so don't be surprised when all above things will increase due to your hard foot and 5000 - 6000 rpm. Please remember that NISSAN and oil producers advice to change oil for 1.2 DIG-T for each 20 tkm/year if you drive normal. Also you may find advice to change oil for each 10 tkm/ 6 months when you drive harder with higher rpm.

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by uamade » Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:26 am


Please tell us how is it going. I agree with you that the recommended oil for 1.2 DIG-T is Full SAPS 5W-40 ACEA A3/B4 and it may be catastrophic to use A5/B5 in our engines mainly due to the fact that A5/B5 requires lower HTHS (2.9 max) than in A3/B4 (3.5 min).

On the other hand, I saw some people using 5W-30 low/mid SAPs (ACEA C3) in Nissan Juke 1.2 DIG-T so it is hard to say how hard is this engine on oil. I think you should confront Nissan dealer and ask them the question why the used an oil with the wrong spec because it is clearly written in owner handbook that 5W-40 A3/B4 should be used.
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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by uamade » Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:27 am

Hello everyone,

I've been following topic on oil consumption by 1.2 DIG-T engine and I did oil level check more or less every week. So far no consumption and I am at 2500 km.
hope for the best, plan for the worst

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Re: Oil Consumption

Post by oldman » Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:50 pm

Got my Pulsar 1.2 Tekna DIG-T as ex demo late August last year(2015)---2000 miles on the clock. By April 2016 ( 8500 miles now) it had had 2 litres of oil added in some 6000 miles. Dealer informed, admitted that Nissan had a small number of problem engines and they had to install a new engine in one vehicle so far. After 1st service end April, with a computer update that 'could solve the problem' asked to check oil every 2 weeks, return if oil problem persists otherwise after 3100 miles (5000 Km). Returned to dealer recently (now 10,000 miles--June 2016) with radio/CD system fault and workshop manager confirmed oil problem not solved. Has booked car in for a week next month for major repair (exact detail not available as Nissan have to confirm what option is needed and approve work). So far dealer has been good but not sure what happens if Nissan continue too hide the problem and refuse work. Seems a lack of publicity of the problem in the press. To me a modern petrol engine in the current era should use minimal oil -never needed to add a drop in my two previous cars.
July 16 Now going in for a new engine at dealerships request. Problem seems to do with piston ring specs or materials I've been told.
Mid July Dealership and Nissan renaged!! No work done on replacing engine or faulty radio having left car at their request for over a week.These are both known Nissan problems I was told but Nissan only now authorising new piston rings. Work not done on either jobs as parts are out of stock (wonder why!!!) until end August at best. Will update if I ever get it sorted. .Nissan customer service ---obviously they do not understand the word service. Both dealer and Nissan Customer Services have confirmed the engine is faulty
End August Parts arrived, work to be done is replacing piston rings and other parts. Worried about effects of out of spec. piston rings (scoring, distortion, ridging of piston bores all known problems on damaged/worn piston rings ) and excessive oil on catalytic converter (blinding/ reduced life). Computer changes (adjusted vacuum) carried out earlier to reduce oil use has only reduced perfomance of the engine.Will ask for checks to assure ther is no permanent damage and computer settings to be returned to original. Still very unhappy ! Mid Sept, car still in bits at dealer, now into third week, awaiting more parts. Finally car returned after a month in bits. Apology letter from dealer absolutely nothing from Nissan Customer Service--better called non-service!
December and have persevered with the Pulsar. Stop/start still unpredictable, lag on turbo is still really bad (ever since Nissan re-programmed the ems, 'retarded the vacuum' I was told, to help oil consumption! They have refused to re-programme to original setting) and so many spurious alarms from camera system I've turned it off. No future posts as I'm trading in for a Golf--good ridance.
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